Whitehorse Meadows Farm

Hours of Operation

    • Farm Stand
    • July 1 - September 1
    • Tuesday - Saturday: 10 AM - 4 PM
    • U-Pick
    • July 1 - September 1
    • Tuesday - Saturday: 10 AM - 4 PM

Payments Accepted

  • Credit & Debit
  • EBT
  • Fresh Bucks

Where to Buy

  • Farmstand/Farm Store
  • U-pick
  • Wholesale

Products Offered

  • Fruit & Nuts

When you visit the farm purchase U-pick, we-pick in bulk, or fresh pack fruit. We open when fruit is ripe so check our website or facebook for the exact dates. We love having visitors so bring a lunch or snacks and enjoy yourself in the u-pick fields. We do charge an entrance fee into the fields that helps us keep our field clean and healthy after your visits. Come and have fun.

Remember, our fields are closed when it is raining (skin tends to split when fruit is wet so it won’t last for you). See you on bright sunny days this summer.


  • Certified Organic
  • Salmon-Safe

Farm Practices

Our farm was established in 1997. We have grown under organic certification since we first took over a long-fallow (since 1960) dairy farm field. We grow Spartans (large and sweet), Rubels (smaller wild variety) and Jerseys (heirloom medium sweet fruit). We are certified Salmon-Safe by Stewardship Partners and USDA Good Agricultural and Good Handling Practices.


Find us at your local Farmers Market

  • We sell blueberries in the Edmonds Summer Market (Saturdays) and the Lake Forest Park Farmers Market (Sundays)