Spring Creek Heritage Farms

Hours of Operation

    • Year Round
    • Daily: 10 AM - 6 PM

Payments Accepted

  • Cash & Check
  • Credit & Debit

Products Offered

  • Eggs
    • Fertile Hatching Eggs
  • Meat & Seafood
    • Chicken (Seasonal)

We are a small family farm surrounded by forests of evergreen trees in Bellingham, Washington. We are close enough to the city but far enough away from mono-culture farming to assure that our chickens are never exposed to herbicides and pesticides used with industrialized agriculture. Our chickens love the fresh air, forests, rich organic pasture cover crops and the best care we can provide.

We are focused on the breeds that we raise. The chicks come from breeding stock that has been selected from large preservation flocks of birds.  Our goal is to provide our customers with unique as well as hardy breeds of poultry and an opportunity to raise pastoral rare breeds of chicken that will thrive and be an asset to your farm and fun entertainment for your family.

Watching our chicks grow into adult birds enables us to select the best ones for our breeding programs and gives us the unique opportunity to produce some of the best tasting heritage chickens in North America. We are a leader in our marketplace in offering fruit or veggie finished pasture-raised birds. We sell chickens for the table finished with in season produce carefully grown on our farms whether it’s pumpkin, apple, wild blackberries & more.

We practice biosecurity to provide our customers with healthy and happy birds.  We do not have visitors to the farm. Unfortunately, shoes and vehicle tires are a pathway for contamination. Our farm is tested bi-annually with the National Poultry Improvement Program.

Currently, we try to deliver birds to Seattle at least once a month depending on quantity of orders.


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Farm Practices

Our chicks are sold straight run unless specified as we do not squeeze chicks to ascertain whether they will become useful layers. To us, each & every bird is useful. We are a no-kill chick farm. Our chicks experience life & grow into adults on pasture. We raise our own crops & work with plant genetics; mostly flowers & brassica. We do not use harmful pesticides or insecticides. We believe that nothing beats fresh & all-natural from the ground. Our birds enjoy the fruit of our labor whether it's pumpkin, berries, corn, apple, kale or just about everything else that grows.