Spoon Full Farm

1250 Dudley Road
Thorp, WA 98946
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Where to Buy

  • CSA
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Products Offered

  • Eggs
    • Chicken
  • Herbs & Botanicals
    • Basil, Calendula, Cilantro, Dill, Fennel, Thyme
  • Meat & Seafood
    • Beef
  • Vegetables


We build soil to grow diverse crops, giving you delicious ways to heal your body and our whole earth from the ground up. Here’s how it works: Thriving microbiology in soil grows delicious, nutrient-dense plants, stores carbon underground in solid form, and cleans our air and water. So when you share Spoon Full Farm food with your loved ones, you thrive in good health, and so does the earth.

Our gardens, fields, and orchards mimic and augment ecosystems, in order to balance the resilient biodiversity of nature with the productive capacity to make a profit and feed everyone. You can enjoy our produce, pasture-raised meat and eggs, honey, and farm-fresh ferments when you visit us at a market.

Learn more about our “Whole Earth” farming practices at SpoonFullFarm.com.

80 miles east of Seattle, the Cascade Mountains roll down into grassy hills and rugged canyons. The Kittitas Valley is defined by the blowing west wind and the flowing Yakima River, both of which bless Spoon Full Farm with their abundant, pure energy. Out here, the sun shines most days and the cold, clean water raises green delicious plants out of the fertile soil. We love it. You will, too.

Spoon Full is usually open for visits (email info@spoonfullfarm.com). We also offer guided group farm tours in the summer and fall.

Features & Activities

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Farm Practices

Every decision we make considers our soil, first. Living soil provides minerals for plants, which in turn give us nutrient-dense food, which helps our bodies work properly and decreases our risk of disease.

Rich biological soil stores carbon underground in solid form, and makes efficient use of fresh water, without polluting our rivers and seas with pesticides and fertilizers.

We use no-till practices in our garden, compost, cover crops, and rotational grazing, to boost soil health and biology with minimal inputs. We are undergoing WSDA inspections in Spring 2020, and plan to be certified organic this summer!

CSA Details

  • The Spoon Full CSA has two seasons: Summer and Winter. Summer offers fresh produce from our whole-earth garden, pastured eggs, grass-fed beef, and our miraculous probiotic hot sauce, Sun Sauce. We also source sourdough bread and shiitake mushrooms from local natural producers, to approach a full-diet CSA offering. Our Winter CSA offers grass-fed beef, pastured eggs, Sun Sauce, and limited produce items. For delivery in Seattle or Ellensburg, or on-Farm pickup. See website for details.


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