Pacific Coast Harvest

1001 SW Klickitat Way Ste 102B
Seattle, WA 98134
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Products Offered

  • Cheese & Dairy
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Pacific Coast Harvest’s goal is to help everyone make local eating a part of their routine grocery shopping all year long. We’ve sourced from over 150 farms in Washington in 2018 so that we can continually offer variety and quality throughout the year.

We also offer produce staples throughout the year. Whenever an item is available locally, that’s when we source it. But we want to make things convenient too so get local radishes alongside organic bell peppers in April (when we source outside direct relationships, we only do certified organic). Our goal is to make it as easy and reliable as possible to keep a portion of your groceries locally sourced.

Transparency is also incredibly important to us. With every delivery, we include farm information on most items you order so you can track under what conditions your food grew under. To see who we source from, check out our map and farmer profiles on our website under “Our Farms.” There you’ll see pictures, read stories, and find out the “Farmer Facts:” acreage, the number of crops grown, etc. so you can begin to learn what it takes to grow your food and who is growing it.

Our mission is to help everyone eat local, nutritionally dense food from ethically operated farms. Check us out and begin your journey to eat local first!

Farm Practices

We only source from farms using organic practices. However, we don't snub our noses at those without the certification. Instead, we get to know the farmer and their practices and have found that often their care for their plants and land go beyond certification requirements.

None of our farmers use non-organic pesticides and have even caught a few singing to their plants ;) We source from farms ranging from 1/2 acres to 1,200-acres. The larger the farm, the more we rely on certification completion


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