Flying Cow Creamery

209 Hyppa Road E
Rochester, WA 98579
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Hours of Operation

    • Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM
    • We are wholesale only.

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    • Wholesale

    Products Offered

    • Cheese & Dairy
      • Yogurt

    We are your local yogurt maker. We make yogurt the old fashioned way. Only milk and yogurt culture. No thickeners nor stabilizers. We use our own very high-quality milk to make our yogurt. Low somatic cell count, no Johne’s disease, and all of our cows are A2A2.

    Go to our website to learn more about what is high-quality milk and how that is achieved. There you can also find where you can buy our very delicious yogurt.

    Farm Practices

    We have super healthy cows. Very healthy animals very seldom need any medical intervention. We are not certified organic. We could be, but we find the organic standards not animal friendly enough. Our animals' welfare is our number one, you the consumer comes number two, sorry. We raise all of our hay ourselves. The cows get grain when they come into the milking parlor to get milked. We feed non-GMO grain. Our motto is "if you were a cow, you would want to live on our farm."