Canfield Farms

12320 Old Snohomish Monroe Road
Snohomish, WA 98290
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Hours of Operation

    • Daily: 9 AM - 5 PM
    • By appointment only.

Payments Accepted

    Products Offered

    • Meat & Seafood

    Our grass-fed Katahdin lamb is incredibly tender and flavorful! This is not your grandparents’ mutton! We raise our lambs naturally, born on pasture in the springtime and grazed all summer on the sweet grass of the fertile Snohomish River Valley.

    Farm Practices

    We work hard to balance the goals of animal welfare, taking care of the environment and producing a healthy, natural product. No antibiotics, hormones or "weird stuff" are used in a broad sense on the entire flock. But we will medicate an individual animal that is sick, as it's important to us that the animals experience the most optimal care possible. We practice rotational grazing, allowing the land to rest and recover in between grazing stints. And we raise lamb to achieve the quality that we enjoy on our own dinner table!