Farm Guide 2019 Cover

The Farm Guide

The Farm Guide, now in its 15th year, is published by Tilth Alliance and connects consumers with what’s sustainable, local and in season from farms, farmers markets, retailers, restaurants and specialty food producers. One of the oldest “buy local” programs in the country, the Farm Guide brings farm and table together in community, offering comprehensive tools and information to help people make better food choices. The Farm Guide is available online and in print.

Tilth Alliance

Tilth Alliance teaches people of all ages how to grow, cook and eat nutritious food in ways that regenerate healthy ecosystems. We use gardens, farms and kitchens as classrooms to offer hands-on learning experiences that re-connect people to nutritious food, local farmers and the Earth. We also offer training and resources to help Washington State farmers be economically successful and use sustainable practices, which provides communities with local food security and land stewardship. Learn more.